Susan Turner

Rising Sun Inspires Automatic Writing

Inspired Writing

I awoke at six, early for me, but I had slept well. I sat quietly alone in the kitchen, enjoying the peaceful feeling in the soft darkness just before light comes to my corner of the world. I felt a slight stirring of my energy. My thoughts went to Kwan Yin and the great love […]

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Susan with one of her spirit animals, a turkey vulture

Book Cover

Deciding what to put on your book cover is a big deal. It should be attractive but not too busy, it should let the words stand out, and be clearly seen when it’s viewed as a smaller image on Amazon’s online site. We went through many different versions and most of my ideas weren’t quite

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Energy vortex located in the retreat gardens.

The Vortex

This past spring, I was sitting with Jeff on the hill overlooking the area for our newly planned garden.  Our intention for the garden was to create a space where people could find healing, peace, and a connection to the earth and to their higher selves and Spirit. As I sat there, I started to see

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A rose signifying the love, compassion and healing of spirit.

Spirit Helps Us Heal

When anyone is going through a healing process it can be very challenging. We need every advantage we have available to us. Over the years and through the many healings I have been a part of; I have learned the great benefits of connecting to someone in Spirit. As I have written about before, healing

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Image representing spirit guide called Zulu.

One of My Guides

I was told about ten years ago by a medium from England that I have nine spirit guides that help me with the energy healing that I do. I sometimes sense them in the room and sometimes I see images of them. Most of my guides I don’t know by name, more by their energy.

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Lucy and Mom doing yard work.


Lucy is a Canada goose who has become a big part of our lives and with those of everyone that comes to visit.  She has a lot of personality and knows what she wants and how she likes to live her life. Lucy arrived when she was only a day or two old. It was the

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Kwan Yin marks the centre of the gardens and retreat.

Kwan Yin Gardens

Part of my writings here will be dedicated to documenting the creation of the Kwan Yin Gardens. This is an inspiring and exciting project that I have been dreaming about for a while now and will be a work in progress for many years yet. Kwan Yin is the goddess of love, compassion, and healing.

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