Black bear drinking in kids swimming pool.

The Bear’s Swimming Pool

We live on a mountain on the edge of a wilderness area. This summer it was very hot and dry. Every little spring of water and creek had dried up. This made me start thinking how hard it must be for all the wild animals to get a drink. I think about the water limitations

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Lucy and Mom doing yard work.


Lucy is a Canada goose who has become a big part of our lives and with those of everyone that comes to visit.  She has a lot of personality and knows what she wants and how she likes to live her life. Lucy arrived when she was only a day or two old. It was the

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Jewel's new Baby Doll sheep companions.

An Old Horse and a Young Sheep

Jewell has been our horse for twenty-two years. She arrived in our life when Chelsea was five and Logan was two. Her name was Wendy, but Chelsea said it didn’t suit her and renamed her Jewell. I wanted a horse that I could put both children on so I could get back to long hikes

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Connecting with the Spirit Bear

Living With Spirit Bears

Jeff and I fell in love with Spirit Bears many years ago. In fact we fell in love with bears of all kinds. But Spirit Bears found a special place in our hearts. They are a very rare color phase of black bears. Black bears come in many colors, from brown, to blonde, to blue,

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