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About Wild Heart Retreats

Wild Heart Spirit Heart Retreats are designed to be a transformational life experience. Every exquisite detail was created to uplift, heal, and inspire your body, mind, heart, and soul. Your experience will encapsulate all the modalities for infusing your energy on every level of being. High vibrational frequencies from the sacred wild land, organic locally sourced plant-based meals, inspirational workshops on advanced physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. There is also the expansion of self through sacred geometry, crystals, water, plants, color, sound, and spirit. As well we offer essential oil massage, energy healing, meditation, yoga, animal therapy, and forest therapy. These are just glimpses of the sensory perceptions that await you. Everything was and is created with love and inspired by the land and by spirit. Visitors arrive seeking sanctuary from grief, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, or looking for purpose on life’s path, and an opportunity to refocus and find direction. They find peace, joy, love, beauty, and healing. At the end of their retreat guests leave with a renewed vision for living life, feeling empowered, hopeful, and enjoying a rejuvenated body.

Our Mission is..

to offer an oasis of uplifting energy for the body, mind, heart, and soul that connects with the beautiful light within each person; bringing forth inspiration, healing, love and joy.

Our Vision is..

to help raise the vibration of humanity through each individual’s emotional evolution to bring healing, compassion, and love to all living beings.

Wild Heart Garden

Retreat Features

Meditation image representing the energy healing and group meditations at retreats.

Energy Healing

Susan is an energy healer and intuitive who facilitates healing on all levels - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. 

Clear Skies and Fresh Mountain Air

Connect with Spirit

Open yourself to messages from the Spirit world, from loved ones who have passed away.

Lotus flower representing the spiritual element of retreats.

Meditation & Sessions

Energy healer Susan Turner will be offering a variety of guided meditations and inspirational talks over the course of the retreat.

Vegan Food Served at all Retreats

Plant Based Cuisine

All meals served at the retreat are plant based and sourced with fresh, vibrant, local and organic ingredients.

retreat features related to mother earth

Nature Experiences

Enjoy the opportunity to mindfully engage with Nature.

Retreat Comforts

Essential Oils

Plant essential oils will help enhance your connection to nature, ease stress and reduce mental and physical fatigue​.


Connecting to

Earth and Spirit

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