Luxurious retreat "glamping"

in the midst of a beautiful BC Cascade Mountain forest. Experience all the amenities of home plus the healing energies of nature as you nestle into your cottage each night.  


Wilderness Retreat Cottage

Each cottage has been placed on the edge of the same wilderness I explored as I was growing up. I want all my guests to experience the energy of the land. This wilderness has nurtured me all my life and I want to share that feeling with everyone who visits.

Majestic fir and pine trees rise above the cottages; their calming fragrance wafts on the gentle valley breeze, helping visitors drift off to sleep each night.

Each cottage gable end is screened to ensure a bug free, fresh mountain air sleeping experience. Each morning guests are greeted by the rising sun and bird song.

All accommodation feature dressers, arm chairs, single or double beds and are decorated in country English style charm.


We carefully place beautiful and meaningful objects into each cabana with a loving intention.

We believe everything, including objects, is vibration and energy.

We want to ensure my guests are sleeping in the most soothing and restful environment possible. Objects are chosen with love and care to enhance the space.


Screened Kitchenette

A cheerful space to share your morning coffee or tea in the company of fellow guests.

A cosy fire warms guests on cool mornings and candlelight adds charm to the evening dining experience.

Decorated in a blue themed decor this space is known as the Bluebird.

Environmentally conscious

In an effort to minimize the impact on the land, a composting toilet has been installed for our
guests to use during their stay.

The latrine-house is decorated in a old English cottage style and includes lovingly chosen details.

Treehouse shower

Take your morning- or evening shower between the trees and enjoy
the warmth of the water and the sun.




Meditation image representing the energy healing and group meditations at retreats.

Cottage Sleeping Quarters

Cottage with screened open windows to ensure a bug free. Each morning guests are greeted by the rising sun and bird song.

Clear Skies and Fresh Mountain Air

Fresh Air

Sleep at the base of the trees that are providing the oxogen you breath.

Lotus flower representing the spiritual element of retreats.

Outdoor Shower

Shower amongst the trees on a raised outdoor platform. Enjoy privacy while experiencing an unforgettably rejuvenating shower.

Retreat Comforts

Added Comfort

Bedside tables and sitting chairs add to the country english style charm.

retreat features related to mother earth

Nature Experiences

Enjoy the opportunity for daily nature walks in a beautiful BC forest.

Vegan Food Served at all Retreats

Outdoor Dining area

Savour delicious plant based meals in the romantic outdoor Kingfisher dining area while enjoying the pond, waterfall or outdoor fireplace.

Connecting to

Earth and Spirit

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