Image representing spirit guide called Zulu.

One of My Guides

I was told about ten years ago by a medium from England that I have nine spirit guides that help me with the energy healing that I do. I sometimes sense them in the room and sometimes I see images of them. Most of my guides I don’t know by name, more by their energy. I also know that over time a person’s guides may change as their needs and life changes so it’s more helpful to learn how to ask for their help and guidance in your life and learn how to connect to them than trying to know their names. I don’t even think they all have names. 

One day during a healing I clearly saw a tall thin African man standing in my healing centre. (healing room) He had a long pole in his hand and was only wearing something around his middle. He looked like he could run long distances across the land and that he would be at complete ease in the wild. He had a lovely, peaceful, and happy face. I was delighted to see him and it filled me with gratitude. I instantly felt very honoured to have him present.

When I went in the house, I couldn’t wait to tell Jeff.  I was so stoked with the experience of seeing him so vividly. As I described him, Jeff said that maybe he was a Maasai person. I thought he could be, but I didn’t know.

The next day during the healing I was ecstatic to have him return. He was someone who made me feel comfortable and calm. He just stood there quietly in the room, but his energy, his presence, was felt. After the healing, he looked at me and said, “I’m Zulu.” I was so excited that I could hear him so plainly and thought, what a lovely name. I thought his name was Zulu.

When I saw Jeff at lunch, I told him about the man returning and that he had told me his name was Zulu. Thankfully Jeff has more worldly knowledge than I do. He informed me that Zulu is the name of an ethnic group of South African people. This man was letting me know that he was not a Maasai person. The wonderful thing about my ignorance and not ever having heard of the Zulu people, was that it was confirmation to me that I had heard him correctly. I was able to connect with him. I let him know I stood corrected and understood what he was telling me.

He now comes to many of the healing sessions and I refer to him as Zulu, which I sense he is good with. He has also taken on a particular role when needed. He is my strong arm. He often stands behind the person I am working with and if there is an unpleasant spirit or energy that has come in with my client and it needs to be removed, Zulu takes it away. 

I also call on him if I ever feel I need a sense of protection in my personal life. He is like my bodyguard, not that I really need one, but I like to think of him that way. I also like to tell the story of how we met when I’m helping people to understand about their spirit guides. And I think he likes hearing me tell it. 

Everyone has spirit guides and you can learn to speak with them and connect to them. They can enrich your life and help you at critical moments if you learn to listen to what they have to share with you. 

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