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Front cover of Wild Heart, Spirit Heart book with turkey vulture image and sun burst signifying spirit.

“My journey as a healer had begun much earlier than I had realized, during the many years I spent living in the wilderness with bears and wolves. I grew up in the remoteness of the mountains and devoted a thirty-year career to making wildlife documentaries and travelling to North America’s most secluded corners. My husband, Jeff, and I worked together. We lived much of our life in wilderness settings in close company with grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, bison, caribou, and many other amazing animals.

When I was forty years old, I discovered, unexpectedly, that could connect with healing energy from Spirit and Source.

Back Cover of Wild Heart Spirit Heart by Susan Turner

When the spirit bear appeared, it was almost surreal. Its white fur radiated like a beacon of light. I felt I needed to pinch myself to see if the moment was real. We were anxious we might never see one again, because being with a spirit bear seemed too good to be true."

writing the book 

When my hands first started to automatically move with energy and I began receiving information from Spirit I started writing everything down. But I was not thinking of writing a book. I felt from the beginning that I was being shown something, both through the healings that I was doing with people and through my inspired writing. It was like taking classes. With each new step I would learn more and understand more, until I realized that I was getting some incredible insights into a way of understanding ourselves on our soul’s journey. The only way I could write was being completely honest about what I was experiencing. When I was writing I felt very safe. I was in a cocoon of unconditional love where I could let the truth flow. In my everyday life I was very guarded with my experiences and shared them with only a few people, because when I wasn’t directly connected to Spirit I became self-conscious. In my writing I could reach deep within my heart and soul, guided by Spirit the writing came quickly and often effortlessly. My energy would become heightened and I experienced a great sense of joy when I wrote. At some point I realized that there could be a book in my pages of notes, but I had no idea where the story was going. I just kept writing to see where Spirit would take me…….and here we are.
With my love and gratitude, I would like to share with you, Wild Heart Spirit Heart.

Susan Turner

When I was young, my dad told me that he and my mom had found me under a huckleberry bush. Maybe he wanted to avoid telling me where babies come from, but he really wasn’t too far from the truth. I was born as close to nature as you could be without actually being found under a bush." 

living with bears

I arrived a few weeks later with Chelsea. The trip to the island included a very long drive, a ferry, a float plane, and ended with Jeff picking me up at a tiny coastal village with our twenty-foot aluminum boat. It was a foggy day and the water was choppy. I put lifejackets on Chelsea and myself, and we sat on the floor of the boat to get out of the wind. Jeff and I knew little about living on the ocean, and as we pounded up and down over the waves on our way to our new home, the magnitude of what we had embarked on really started to sink in."


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