Rising Sun Inspires Automatic Writing

Inspired Writing

I awoke at six, early for me, but I had slept well. I sat quietly alone in the kitchen, enjoying the peaceful feeling in the soft darkness just before light comes to my corner of the world. I felt a slight stirring of my energy. My thoughts went to Kwan Yin and the great love

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Susan with one of her spirit animals, a turkey vulture

Book Cover

Deciding what to put on your book cover is a big deal. It should be attractive but not too busy, it should let the words stand out, and be clearly seen when it’s viewed as a smaller image on Amazon’s online site. We went through many different versions and most of my ideas weren’t quite

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A rose signifying the love, compassion and healing of spirit.

Spirit Helps Us Heal

When anyone is going through a healing process it can be very challenging. We need every advantage we have available to us. Over the years and through the many healings I have been a part of; I have learned the great benefits of connecting to someone in Spirit. As I have written about before, healing

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Image representing spirit guide called Zulu.

One of My Guides

I was told about ten years ago by a medium from England that I have nine spirit guides that help me with the energy healing that I do. I sometimes sense them in the room and sometimes I see images of them. Most of my guides I don’t know by name, more by their energy.

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Susan Turner and her father.

Dimes From Heaven

My dad passed away a few years back. I was very close to him and years after I still find myself lamenting that I can’t just stop by and visit with him like I used to but life goes on and one has to adjust to living without parents at some point. Jeff and I had flown to England for

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