Rising Sun Inspires Automatic Writing

Inspired Writing

I awoke at six, early for me, but I had slept well. I sat quietly alone in the kitchen,

enjoying the peaceful feeling in the soft darkness just before light comes to my corner of the world. I felt a slight stirring of my energy. My thoughts went to Kwan Yin and the great love and compassion she represented, and I felt the urge to write. 

I knew this feeling well, one word, one line at a time will come. I can’t rush it, I can’t let my mind get in the way, I just hold my energy in the frequency and write. 

This is what came to me:

                                  Oh, great Spirit

                                  And beloved Earth

                                  Hold me steady and strong

                                  So, I may see the light over the mountain

                                  That I may hear on the silence of the still air  

                                  The calling of my heart

                                  To remember the love for all beings

                                  That sweeps down from the universe

                                   And rises up from the lands

                                   That we are sacred beings

                                   Living in a sacred time

                                   Walking together, arm and arm, to reflect this great love

                                   To the glory of all that is.

This feels like a prayer for me as I continue on my path. I am moving forward on my journey with the release of my book and the creation of the gardens. I can imagine sharing this message with visitors who come to the Kwan Yin gardens this summer. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are all one, living in a loving universe.  

Much of my book was inspired writing; not verse like what I’ve written above, but pages of information on how to see our lives and the way we live, on thinking of ourselves as emotional and spiritual beings, of now being in a place as a species to be consciously evolving on an emotional level, on living many lives in our soul’s journey so we are able to evolve to higher frequencies of existing, and so much more. My understanding and development came through not only doing healings, but also greatly through my writing and getting messages from a higher source. I would start writing and not know where I was going and then after a few paragraphs I would start to get a sense of the information. I would often wonder how it was going to end, and then there would be an “aha” moment and I would get what ‘they’ were telling me. It is very exhilarating and once it starts, I can’t stop till it’s finished, or I will lose the connection. 

Inspired writing, which to me means ‘in spirit’ writing, are words given to us when we are connected to a source in the spiritual realm. If you have not experienced this sort of interaction with spirit, you could give it a try if you are inclined. I would recommend being in a quiet place where you feel good; possibly lighting a candle to create atmosphere. Bring yourself into the moment with a still mind and get into a meditative state. Create the intention of wanting to connect to Spirit in the highest realms of love and light. You can say this out loud. “I’m wanting to connect with Spirit for writing, only those that come in love and light are welcome.” This should feel uplifting and meaningful. Keep your vibrational place of being in a frequency where only those in love will come to you.

Have your paper and pen in hand and if a thought comes to you write it down. You do need to have the sense or intuition to know whether the thoughts are your own or you are channeling them. It can be tricky at first to tell the difference between receiving information and thoughts coming from your own mind. But keep trying.  If it’s something you have never thought of and it feels like new information, then chances are it’s not from your mind. It can take time, practice, and a few tries to connect, but it is an amazing experience. It greatly enhanced my spiritual journey and taught me things I could not have imagined. 

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