A rose signifying the love, compassion and healing of spirit.

Spirit Helps Us Heal

When anyone is going through a healing process it can be very challenging. We need every advantage we have available to us. Over the years and through the many healings I have been a part of; I have learned the great benefits of connecting to someone in Spirit.

As I have written about before, healing and health, in my experience, links back to the frequency or vibration of our energy field. Basically, if we are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually healthy we need to change our overall energy frequency which will facilitate the healing process. Connecting to Spirit can increase our energy frequency or vibration in many ways.

Being in the energy field of someone in Spirit that comes to you with love, raises your energy with his or her presence.  When someone is no longer in their physical body, they are existing at a higher level of energy frequency as they have left the heaviness of their body mass behind. When they bring you a loving message as well, their love is a high vibrational emotion. Both of these connect to your energy field and increase your frequency. But it’s also much more than this. 

When we are unwell, we can often feel alone in our journey to wellness. When we realize that people we may have thought we have lost through death are actually right there with us, caring about how we are doing and trying to help us, it is very powerful. Their support can bring us strength.

During one of my healings with an older man who had cancer, a beautiful big golden orange dog came into the room. Although he came in spirit energy he ran around the healing table as if he was still in the prime of life. He told me to tell the man that he was still with him and that he loved him very much and was bringing love to him in his healing. The man was ecstatic to learn that his dog was with him. It had been a dog he had from his teens into his twenties. The dog had gone everywhere with him and had been his best friend. During these years he had experienced many challenges and loneliness but his dog had always been there for him. And now with the newfound challenges of his health, his dog was letting him know he was still there. This knowledge was a huge boost to the man during the healings.

Many times, people that come through in Spirit are coming to apologize for something they did while they were living their life. In one healing with an elderly-women, her father came through in Spirit. The women had lived a life filled with emotional hardships and she was filled with a sadness of unresolved issues. She had married a very abusive man and hadn’t been able to give or receive love. She came for healing to try and find peace and love during the last years of her life. Her dad appeared with his head bowed down, and I could see that he really struggled at facing her. He came to say how very sorry he was for abusing her when she was a girl. I could see by his energy that he was still in quite a dark place, even in Spirit, but he was trying to help her as well as help himself move forward on his spiritual path. It helped her to know her father both took responsibility for the abuse and that he felt badly for what he had done and was saying he was sorry. As she left the healing she said she felt remarkably lighter and much better than when she arrived.

It’s really beneficial to understand that we haven’t missed our opportunity for things we wished we might have said or what we wanted someone to say to us because someone has left their physical body. This is another way healing can come from those we know in Spirit. This is the main reason why so many people seek the help of a medium to connect to their loved ones that have passed over: unresolved emotional issues.

A further way we can raise our energy in healing, with the help of Spirit, is being able to let go of some of our fear. Fear is an emotion that greatly lowers our energy frequency. It weakens us. And one thing many people fear when they are unwell is the thought of leaving behind their family and friends if they die. When those who have passed are able to communicate with us, we are shown that death does not have to separate us. We can continue to be around those we love, who are still in their physical lives. Death also connects us more fully with those who have passed before us. Understanding that dying does not mean you are leaving everyone behind, can hopefully relieve some of our fear. And less fear helps us open ourselves to a greater potential for healing. Connecting to Spirit is a great benefit on the healing journey.

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