Energy vortex located in the retreat gardens.

The Vortex

This past spring, I was sitting with Jeff on the hill overlooking the area for our newly planned garden.  Our intention for the garden was to create a space where people could find healing, peace, and a connection to the earth and to their higher selves and Spirit. As I sat there, I started to see and feel a vortex of energy – high vibrational energy – coming from the earth in the middle of the garden space. Immediately I had a vision of this circular area with three standing stones at its borders. I had not imagined something like this being part of our garden before, but instantly knew that it was highly meaningful. 

I had a sense that the earth was presenting this area in the garden which magnified its energy and I believe I was being shown this by some of my spirit guides. It felt like a beautiful gift. Using copper rods, I crossed the area repeatedly and mapped the perimeter of the vortex. We placed three standing stones, eleven feet apart creating a triangle around the outer edges of the vortex.

Then we planted ten fruit trees, five on each side, creating a pathway to walk towards the vortex. Mary, a friend of mine and a medium, said she could feel the energy building as she stepped into the path leading towards the vortex. She said that the energy then felt much calmer as she entered the vortex. The vibration being so high or fast that it felt immensely peaceful. 

I know water can be detected by dowsing, but I feel the vortex here is generated by a high frequency of energy coming from the earth. I was told years ago by a medium that there was a vortex of energy under my healing centre and that it was so powerful that it alone could heal people. I sense that these two vortexes are connected by a line of energy. There are two lines of energy that intersect at the garden vortex and travel out in each direction. It’s really exciting to me to think that these energy lines are flowing through the earth beneath the garden. 

These energy lines of the earth are known around the world in many cultures.  In the west they are often called Ley Lines, named by Alfred Watkins, a landscape photographer, around 1921. He said these were man made lines connecting prominent features on the land and that they could be used for navigation. He said that they aligned with structures like Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and Machu Picchu, but only because they were well known landmarks. He did not believe ley lines had any other significance. But other cultures that recognize these lines feel they have special powers. In China they call them Dragon Lines, the Aboriginals in Australia call them Dream Lines, and in South America they are Spirit Lines by the Shaman. In some of my research they said that these lines could take energy from higher vibrational points and carry them around the earth to where the energy was needed. I liked that thought.  

Many people believe that these lines of energy flow around the earth and at their intersections there are high energy vortexes. Some people say that there are seven major vortexes on the planet and hundreds of smaller ones. These seven big vortexes are sometimes thought of as earth’s chakras. I think there are lots of vortexes on the earth. Jeff and I were once doing some aerial filming in northern B.C. and we flew over a mountain that had such incredible energy coming from it I felt certain it was a major vortex. I could feel it as we passed over it with the helicopter and it was so powerful it brought tears to my eyes. 

This past summer our guests have meditated in, sat in, laid in, watched the stars in, and played Tibetan singing bowls in the garden vortex. Everyone seems to sense what a special place it is.  I find great peace and a wonderful connection to the earth when I sit in the vortex. For me it has profound meaning as to the power and aliveness that pulses through the beautiful planet, we call home. 

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