The experience of working with Susan was such a gift to my soul. I came away with a renewed sense of hope and understanding of my spiritual connection to all things. I was so pleased with the facility and felt so loved by the whole experience.
Dale A.
Just over a year ago, I returned from meeting the Wild Heart Spirit Heart team. An experience that saved my life in a way. It has certainly enhanced my life in ways that are changing my life. I have learned so much, enjoyed so much, healed so much, at your retreat. I learned so much from every one of you. As if that isn’t enough, I was restored. Restored enough to hope again.

Not only hope, to aspire and to dream even in ways I haven’t dared since I was a child. Filled with a new energy fuelled by complete unconditional acceptance. Pure love. You not only saved my life but made me realize that you can live in delight. There is so much joy and bliss to be shared in the journeys. We are all one connection. Love and Compassion being the glue that holds it together. I will love you forever for that.
This retreat was the most transformational thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I’ve been singing, I just feel so alive!
Kim M.
I’ve been searching my whole life and now my search is over. I am so blessed that this experience was brought into my life. The kind and compassionate way Susan interacts with nature, animals, and people is amazing. My experience on retreat was AWESOME!
Jennifer J.
I am grateful every day for the things in my life.

I am so grateful I met you last year, and have had the opportunity to read and learn about your amazing journey so far.

I am soooo excited to be able to spend time with you in July, you are a gift from “God”, an angel on earth, and I am honoured and blessed to know you and be able to enjoy your beautiful retreat. I feel like a kid at Christmas, my heart is bursting with joy and excitement for this upcoming July retreat.

I send you love and strength so you can continue your healing for people.
Words can’t express how my time with you has changed me. Thank you for your care, attention, energy, healings, and so much more!!

I really enjoyed the forest bathing and will do that regularly. I feel like I can get deeper breaths in also. You all spoiled me so much that I now want to treat myself that way. Including the food I eat, my time in nature, spending more time alone, and doing things that bring me joy. All thanks to you.

The food was unbelievable….. better than any Vegan Restaurant in Vancouver.

You ignited something inside of me that I am very grateful for. Thank you!
I had the pleasure to meet you last summer at your retreat. I received a wonderful energy healing that has had a significant impact on the arthritis I have in my lower spine.
Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in your beautiful garden. Also for enabling me and showing me how to take that next step forward in this journey that we take. This was a highlight of my year.
Somehow the universe led me to you, for that I am so grateful.

I loved learning from you, and I hope to continue to learn from you in the future. You have a pure and beautiful vision of these places our souls reside.

Thank you for sharing it with those in need. So so so much love.
Zuzana meals are truly an event to experience. From the welcoming scents coming from her kitchen to the flavour explosions in my mouth. Every bite put a smile on my face and satisfaction in my body.
Gosh, it took me a few days to emerge out of the blissful expansion that I received from the retreat - so much magic, its been hard to put into words. But I wanted to send you a note of the deepest gratitude for what this past weekend offered.

What a magical place you have created for all those that get the privilege to walk the lands and be held in the energy of what you have created. I walked out of that weekend a changed person and filled with a depth of knowing that shifted everything for me.

I hope it was the first of many visits and feel so blessed to have been in your energy and the energy of Spirit.
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