Retreat energy healing session.

Energy Healing

Eighteen years ago when I was living in England I had a sudden and unexpected sense to offer energy healing to an elderly women named Hazel who was a neighbour of ours. At the time, Hazel was suffering from cancer and was having a lot of pain. I found that when I placed my hands on her they would move in patterns over her body, completely without my conscious control. When I finished these sessions, she would tell me her pain was gone. 

I knew nothing about energy healing and had no idea what it meant but when my hands touched someone in pain there seemed to be amazing results. I hadn’t any desire or plan to do healing work in my life and yet the reality of what was happening was too amazing to ignore. It was frightening at times but Hazel had lived much of her life in India and had worked with healers there so she was able to guide and help me to understand what I was experiencing when energy streamed through me. I needed to understand what was happening to me but I didn’t want to take a course in energy healing and just have someone tell me how to feel and what to think. I wanted to connect to my soul and to Spirit and find my own way. 

When I started healing, the first thing I realized was that when my hands were moving this was bringing energy. I had the feeling that when people were sick or injured their cells were vibrating at a lower energy frequency than would be optimal for good health. I thought that I could possibly raise their energy frequency to where they would be able to heal. I have come to understand that much healing comes from changing a person’s energy frequency.  

There are many reasons for us to experience lower energies in our bodies. Physical injuries and disease cause damage to our cells lowering their vibration, but low frequency energy can also affect us in non-physical ways. We also experience energy emotionally and spiritually and they are both interconnected with the energetic aspects of our physical bodies. Emotional energy has a much higher frequency than physical energy and spiritual energy is an even higher frequency. You need access to energy on every level to be in good health.. 

Very slowly over the years I have come to understand more and more about what it means to heal and what healing with energy is all about.  This journey is the focus of my book Wild Heart, Spirit Heart that is due to be published in the spring of 2020. I have worked with hundreds of people over the years who have had cancer, depression, chronic pain, degenerative conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and many others.  When I do healing now, a large part of the healing comes through energy I direct through my chakras or my energy vortexes. Everyone has these energy centres from the top of their head, down through their bodies. I direct energy down through my crown chakra and out through my heart chakra towards the person I’m healing. This healing happens without me touching the person. I also continue to use my hands to remove energy blockages on patients and remove built up low emotional and spiritiual energies that cling to us all.  Healing is a journey. Its one I think that we begin virtually from the moment of birth and carry on throughout our entire lives. It’s a complex and many layered process that is different for everyone. True healing is a personal journey.

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